Common Saltwater Fish Species

Saltwater fishing is different from freshwater fishing in that it covers a larger area in which to fish. Finding the fishes usually takes some time which adds up to the challenge of the sport. Here are some of the popular saltwater fishes that people would wish they can catch on their next fishing trip.


The Marlin is also called a spearfish and is a popular fish of choice for big game fishing. The size alone makes them a challenge for people who are into saltwater fishing. Marlins have elongated body that can sometimes exceed four meters in length. They are also distinguished by their spear-like snout and crest-like dorsal fin.

Marlins are very fast and can swim a distance of a hundred meters in just four seconds. This makes them quite an achievement for saltwater anglers to catch.

Striped Bass

The striped bass is a migratory fish moves north during the spring and back southward during the fall. Size of stripers can range from 10 to more than 50 inches in length, and can weigh in excess of 50 pounds, making them an attractive fish to catch.

Striped bass can be caught by casting, drifting or fly-fishing. Striped bass are nocturnal fishes and usually feed when it is dark. Fishing for them is especially good during an evening or early morning tide when the sun is not yet up.

Live or natural baits are effective for catching striped bass, especially live eels, pogies, and chunks of mackerel, squid or herring. An 8 to 10-foot surf rod and reel spooled with 30-pound test strength line, or a medium to heavy spinning rod with 12 to 20-pound test line is preferable, depending on fishing location.

Effective lures for striped bass include the spoons, poppers, lead-head jigs and swimming plugs. Popular fly baits include streamers that look like bait fish.

Atlantic Mackerel

The Atlantic mackerel is a fast-swimming saltwater fish species that often travels in large schools. The size of an Atlantic mackerel can range from 12 to 18 inches in length. this fish species usually weigh less than 3 pounds. For their size, fishing using a medium spinning rig spooled with 15-pound test line is best for casting with a single, 1 to 10-ounce mackerel jig. Any small jig or shiny metal lure can also be used for catching atlantic mackerels with good results. Effective bait for this fish includes worms, clam necks and squid. Effective lures include diamond jigs and mackerel trees.

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